life before emails….

I wanted to let you know that some strange things are happening to my emails and/or e accounts??? not sure yet which it is..  I’m trying to solve these mysterious issues. Please be patient with me?. (oh where is I T mom when you need her?)… remember when the only way to get ahold of one another was to pick up the phone?? I mean the land line phone?? lol yes, showing my age a bit today.. but I’m surprisingly okay with it..

what a boring post this would be without an image… so I thought maybe I’d get you hungry for lunch and share an ongoing project with you..

I photographed this image of Chef Cyd Koehn’s delightful Asian inspired salad.. She is an awesome chef located in the Des Moines area. …  if you’re planning a gathering, large or small and looking for a healthy and delicious meal to serve your guests.. look no further… this is your girl..   bon appetit’ everyone!    …okay, back to my email saga…


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