marcus and amanda

Several years ago, Marcus and Amanda packed up their car and headed out in search of a weekend Adventure. A few hours later, they landed in Winterset and have been visiting ever since. Marcus and Amanda live in Nebraska. I was so flattered when she called me to discuss their engagement session. Aside from their amazing company and fun loving style, (they are a blast to be around) that day I left with something more. I saw through their eyes the forest-like parks, the interesting landmarks and beautiful vineyards that dot the landscape of Madison County… their retreat from the hustle and bustle of City living. Thanks you two, for reminding me that I live in a pretty neat place.Last October, Marcus planned another trip to Winterset; this one would prove to be the most significant, life changing trip to date… On top of the stone tower that is nestled in the trees surrounding Winterset’s City park, Marcus got down on one knee with ring in hand and asked Amanda for her hand in marriage.. she said yes of course! He poured her favorite bottle of wine and they danced to the sunset.. These two are amazingly cool… They’ll make it official this coming October with a Ceremony planned in her home state of Pennsylvania. Congratulations, Amanda and Marcus! Thank you for the great memories and a new found friendship. Your life together will be fabulous!

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