ps farr studio bio picture
  • Patricia Farr is an award winning photographer & artist and the owner of psfarrstudio. She specializes in photographing the beauty of women at any age & all that is dear to them.

    Winterset, Iowa is the town she calls home. With husband, Bo, their daughter, Lauren, son, Hunter and the cutest black golden doodle you'll ever meet, Nicki, life is never boring.

    Patricia (better known as Patti to her friends) believes that when we as women, see the true beauty in ourselves, something magical shifts in our hearts. We begin to see the world as a place of opportunity, not judgment.. we begin to let our beautiful inner light shine with a renewed confidence to share what we have to offer the world without fear. And that's what life is all about. With a portrait that parallels to a page from a fashion magazine, everyday you'll be reminded of just how beautiful you are... inside and out.

    To commission a photo session with Patricia, call her at 515-468-1282 or if you're shy, just leave a comment and she will contact you via email.