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  • Patricia Farr is an award winning photographer & artist and the owner of psfarrstudio. She specializes in photographing the beauty of women at any age & all that is dear to them.

    Winterset, Iowa is the town she calls home. With husband, Bo, their daughter, Lauren, son, Hunter and the cutest black golden doodle you'll ever meet, Nicki, life is never boring.

    Patricia (better known as Patti to her friends) believes that when we as women, see the true beauty in ourselves, something magical shifts in our hearts. We begin to see the world as a place of opportunity, not judgment.. we begin to let our beautiful inner light shine with a renewed confidence to share what we have to offer the world without fear. And that's what life is all about. With a portrait that parallels to a page from a fashion magazine, everyday you'll be reminded of just how beautiful you are... inside and out.

    To commission a photo session with Patricia, call her at 515-468-1282 or if you're shy, just leave a comment and she will contact you via email.

I cherish times like these.. when what I can create has the power to bring us back. We can measure our lives by days, by hours or even by moments.. but only when we capture still… in a way that blurs the clock, we let our hearts do the measuring,  as if time were irrelevant.. the subconscious does not understand words; only pictures… test it, think of a memory, now verbalize it.  you’re picturing what you’re talking about, aren’t you… so it makes sense that what we feed ourselves photographically has an incredible impact on us, on how we see ourselves, others and our relationships… we may not completely forget the true and real beauty of today, but we will surely enrich our memories with beautiful photography..  we’ll capture it & hold on to it forever.. long live love

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it’s a beautiful day…

 I rarely EVER look at the forecast… ok, that might seem odd since I earn most of my living outdoors… um, I call it living on the edge, ha! no really, the only thing that will keep me in is…blustery side ways rain or some serious, and I do mean “serious” cloud cover..  But I DID hear through the grapevine that today is one of the last 80 degree day for a while, so I am getting ready for my 3rd photo shoot of the day..heck ya! hey, Jordan, your look is fantastic, girl!!. (looking forward to Monday!) and Isaac, get ready man, I have a few things up my sleeve for you!

These images are of my sweet little Lauren… isn’t she growing up so fast? love her playfulness.. she’s a natural at this stuff. Have a perfect evening everyone….and get outside!


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Fear not, the cooler weather..

a lot of you may already know I’m a California girl and I LOVE fair weather days…  but there are a lot of positives to being photographed in cooler weather too..  A cool weather session is an opportunity to sport a new sweater or do an amazing layered look with your clothing..  a chance for your hair to stay poofed and makeup to stay exactly as you intended.. (and don’t forget, you always have a hair and makeup specialist on hand if you need) it’s a chance to get out of the house and do something fun! oh, and hot chocolate tastes much better after a cool weather session too.. just saying…

When I look at the images above that I photographed of my sister and her family, I see beautiful! I see fun! and most of all, I see love… (oh, should I even mention those naked trees behind them or the snow on the ground?…naaa)


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