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tis the season: pt 1

Thought I’d drop in to say just how excited & blessed I feel to spend time with this family again soon… Will it be chilly at our session? yep! Will we layer up and forget about the temperature? yep! Will love be enough to keep them warm? Absolutely! Enjoy the Season! and if you’re like me, missing someone dear to you that loved this time of year.. then celebrate it even more… Celebrate it for them! in honor of them.. & make more great memories!View full post »

& know that you are Blessed

dear Natalie, I am joyous to have to have met you & your Mom. Your kind spirit assures me that you are going to achieve wonderful things.. Let your light shine big & bright, hun & know that you are blessed. I am looking forward with excitement when we all meet again! much love, patti    View full post »

…to everything, turn turn turn

…there is a season.. it is not our choice to slow or stop the hands of time. our only choice is to enjoy it or let it depress us.. have a wonderful dayView full post »

congratulations, brooke

All that is good in life, I wish for you.. Happy Graduation!View full post »

well wishes for J

Congratulations Dear J! It’s going to be so much fun to see where your adventures take you in life! Believe in yourself! Be fearless and know that you are deserving of great things.. love, pView full post »

the world + addie

Know that you are worthy of all that is Good Happy Graduation, Addie   Pin ItView full post »

I cherish times like these.. when what I can create has the power to bring us back. We can measure our lives by days, by hours or even by moments.. but only when we capture still… in a way that blurs the clock, we let our hearts do the measuring,  as if time were irrelevant.. the subconscious does not understand words; only pictures… test it, think of a memory, now verbalize it.  you’re picturing what you’re talking about, aren’t you… so it makes sense thatView full post »